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Settlement Calculator

IMPORTANT NOTE: The approximate gross values listed by the settlement calculator for your claim (before attorneys' fees and expenses are deducted) reflect only the basic information that you have entered regarding your claim. The information that the Claims Administrator will use in determining whether your claim qualifies for payment and, if so, the precise, gross value of your claim (before attorneys' fees and expenses are deducted) will be the information contained in the medical records that are provided to the Claims Administrator on your behalf and may not be the same as the information that you have entered. In addition, the precise dollar value that each "point" within the claim valuation process will ultimately be accorded cannot be known until the Claims Administrator has completely reviewed all participating claims nationwide, and that dollar value may not be in the range of values listed in the calculator.

Information regarding what claims qualify for the Settlement Program, how qualified claims will be evaluated by the Claims Administrator, and how settlement monies will be allocated among qualifying claims is included in the Description of Settlement Program and Claims Valuation Examples. Links to those documents are below.